June 5, 2009

Two Young Falcons Fledge, One Visits San Jose Mayor

Along with people around the world, we here at Earthly Happenings are keeping a close eye on the now-famous falcon family nesting on top of San Jose City Hall, in California's Silicone Valley. Two of the young falcons have fledged, meaning that they flew for the first time. At about 3:20 p.m. on Monday, one of the young female falcons named Ilahay ("angel" in Persian) hopped out of the nest and took flight. Accompanied by her mother, Clara, the 6-week-old flew over the Martin Luther King Jr. library with ease, but had a bumpy first landing. Meanwhile, her brother Veer fledged too. According to the San Jose Mercury News, he "flew around City Hall, over downtown, and finally, showing an early knack for political hobnobbing, landed in sight of Mayor Chuck Reed's office on the top floor." The other two youngsters are expected to fly soon, and a crowd of eager falcon-watchers is camped near city hall to wait for the big moment. 

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